"Hello, World!": Week 4 kaput!

So today in my coding bootcamp adventure, we started into "Back-End Fundamentals" of web development. The new format for the Web Development course at the Iron Yard is meant to give all graduates a shot at both front- and back-end development, both to give us a chance to evaluate what we want to focus on with the last month of our training, and also to send us out into the job market with at least a foundation in both areas, regardless of our chosen specialty. We're gone headfirst into Node.js, which allows us to continue working in JavaScript and honing our understanding of that language.

I must say that, for now at least, I'm still intending on focusing on front-end dev. We'll see how this section on Node.js goes, but the projects we did for the first four weeks of class were fun to tackle, and making things look like mock-ups is a fun puzzle for me. Again, we'll see, but the thought of learning React and REACT Native sounds exciting. More to come!