Follow up: ProTools & OS 10.9 Mavericks

So, almost a month ago I posted a link to an article noting that Avid had released an update to ProTools that supported Mavericks, but in the release notes it mentioned that co-installation was not supported.

As it turns out, I can confirm that, at least in a limited role, you can keep and use ProTools 10 (10.3.2, to be specific to my case) and use it while having ProTools 11 and OS 10.9 Mavericks installed.

As it turns out, ProTools 11 has a bug about importing AAF/OMF files. The only suggestion offered by Avid is to open the AAF in 10.3, save, and open back up in 11. Of course, you're not supposed to be able to do this in Mavericks, according to Avid. So thanks a lot, Avid.  But, you can get ProTools 10 to function in Mavericks, but be careful, as Your Mileage May Vary.

Carry on.

iPhone 5C/5S and iOS 7 Review from Daring Fireball

This is a fantastic overview of the new hardware and software Apple is unleashing in the coming days, including a great summary of why the move to 64-bit software is about more than just RAM access. Gruber writes:

The iPhone 5S and 5C

What I find remarkable about the 5S’s benchmarks is not that they’re the current top scores in the mobile world, but rather that they’re at the top despite the fact that Apple famously values the ratio of performance-to-power-consumption far more than performance in and of itself.

Apple doesn't do these types of things just because. There is a real, tangible benefit from it, and I'm confident we'll all see that benefit in the coming years and versions of iOS and the software that runs on it. 

I can't wait to get iOS 7 on my iPhone 4, and I can't wait to get my hands on an iPhone 5S. 



Back in the Freelance Saddle

Faithful Readers! 

As an audio professional, I suppose this day was inevitable, but after nearly 2 years as a veritable staff sound editor, I am back on the market as a freelance sound editor-slash-mixer-slash-designer-slash-engineer. 

If you, or perhaps someone you know, has any audio related needs, please feel free to pass on my name, address, phone number, email address... Check out the Credits page you might have noticed is linked there at the top of this page... Let's talk. I can help you. Really. Seriously, I can. 

Brilliant dialog fill method

This is great! The bane of dialog editors everywhere, and a great technique for patching those impossible-to-fill spots:

Unlimited Dialog "AIRFILL" to Fill your Every Need

Such a brilliant way to take advantage of convolution reverb processing, which was already an amazing tool.  I think I'm also going to dig out my copy of SoundHack and see if it's spectral shaping can be used to do the same type of thing, since I don't currently own a copy of TLSpace or Altiverb for ProTools. Though I do like to use Logic Pro's convolution reverb, Space Designer, perhaps I can create a bussing system in Logic to do the same thing, as this article suggests is possible. 

Thanks to Douglas Murray's guest post on!


Logic Pro X

Apple released Logic Pro X, the newest version of the pro audio software that is my go-to tool for writing and recording music. 

Here's a thoughtful first-look review from Jim Dalrymple of The Loop:

Logic Pro X is the best music software release I’ve seen from Apple in a while. They added a lot of pro features, but at the same time managed to make the app more approachable—that’s a difficult thing to do.


Overall, Logic Pro X is a great release and for $199, you can’t go wrong.

I'm a little disappointed there is no discounted upgrade pricing, but $200 for pro audio software as feature-rich as Logic Pro is, ultimately, hard to be too mad about. 

Everpix - Cloud-based Photo Syncing & Sharing

I'm setting up my free trial of Everpix right now, as I type this. I was reading Daring Fireball, and while I don't always do what Gruber tells me to do, in this case I clicked through to their website because my curiosity was piqued.  I really like what I see so far, and I'll try to do a more detailed review-type post when I've had a chance to use the service for a while. Check 'em out for yourself.

A few thoughts on Endeavour's Parade

So, I'm sure you saw somewhere on the internet that the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its way from Edwards AFB to LAX today, by way of Sacramento, San Francisco, and various neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, downtown LA, Burbank (where I work), Pasadena, Anaheim, and Long Beach.  I shot a little video with my iPhone as it passed over my office:

A friend of mine shared with me a quote that he heard to describe Endeavour's trip, likening it to "an open casket funeral service for the Space Age" (Damon Lindelof via Smokey Cloud).  It's really true, sadly, to see this kind of death knell for what was once the face of the American space program.

What's weirder to me is to know what the current state of NASA is, at least in the public eye, knowing their lack of serious funding, and yet to see such a huge part of the public get so excited to see something like a flyby of the Space Shuttle riding on the back of a 747! The Mars Curiosity rover's landing was live-streamed on the internet, and lots of people watched it. People are getting genuinely excited for these things, and yet... NASA is seemingly being starved to death. Granted, the entire country seems to be on some kind of emergency budgetary diet - public schools, the arts, social services... It was just a bit bittersweet, is all; seeing something that I've grown up with as a child of the 80's flying for the last time, not even under its own power.

Which Ark Am I On?

I am a sound guy.  I'm sure you've seen (or, more likely, heard) us around. We make noise. We plug things into things that make noise, in order to make more or "better" noise. We capture that noise, so that we might share it with other people who might like that noise.  Also, I'm a sound guy starting a blog, so it got me wondering what I might have to say on the matter. Then I thought about what it is that I do, like, really. Which got me thinking about arks. Huh?

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Hello, My Name Is...

So, hey! How ya doin'? So, you've landed here on my little page. I started this site as an online business card for my freelance work - which is sound engineering, editing, and mixing - but I'll also post some personal notes, songs, pictures, and reflections on life from time to time.  So, check back in, and I'll see you around.